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30 October 2006 @ 08:38 pm
I'm so sorry.
14 October 2006 @ 12:52 pm
I just remembered. It was friday the thirteenth yesterday right? That was supposed to be a bad luck day, right? (>_<)

I hope nothing bad happened to anyone! Nothing bad happened to me, so I'm lucky!

And the live concert! It's tomorrow! I'm so excited, but a little sad. I guess all good things have to come to an end sometime.

I'll do my best for this last concert! ('-^*)/
06 October 2006 @ 03:10 pm
o(^-^)o I remembered to create one of these! Aiba's been bugging me about it, so maybe I should've done this earlier... But better late than never, like some would say!

So anyway, I don't quite know about what to write now, but just one thing I got to announce to everyone...

KENN is here! *insert dramatic background music here* (^o^)/
Current Mood: chipper, cheerful